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£ 980
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  • Category Air Rifles
  • Type Air Guns
  • Condition Second hand
  • Make FX Airguns
  • Model Dreemline Lite
  • Mechanism Pre-charged Pneumatic
  • Your reference 2135603
The FX Dreamline Lite is based on the modular FX Dreamline concept in which all FX-technology, all FX-options and all adjustment possibilities are incorporated in one concept. Multiple different basic configurations are offered from which this FX Dreamline Lite is one example and this model can be built into every other configuration available. The strength of this concept is of course the fact that you can now completely customise your air rifle to your own specifications.

Reliable and very accurate is the Smooth Twist X (STX) barrel of this FX Dreamline Lite. The shrouded barrel has a liner in which the rifling is imparted from the outside over the whole length of the barrel, resulting in optimal precision and giving the possibility to make multiple variations. It also mens you can change the liner in your own barrel if you want a different twist. All FX Dreamline models feature a quick change system where you can change your barrel for one with a different caliber. With that, you obviously need to change the pellet probe too.

The FX Dreamline Lite has a high capacity magazine, a smooth side lever, 1/2 UNF thread on the end of the barrel to mount a moderator, an adjustable precision match trigger that has a standard adjustment of 15 ounces and the transferport has external adjustment wheel.

All models in the FX Dreamline range have an AMP (Adjustable Match Precision) regulator that can be adjusted from the outside. They also feature an adjustable hammerspring which on the FX Dreamline Lite has an external adjustment wheel.

The FX Dreamline Lite is ultralight for its size, weighing just 2495 grams. Needless to say the air rifle has no unnecessary parts, although its filled to the brim with features. The FX Dreamline Lite has a Hogue pistol grip and features a Picatinny rail in front of the triggerguard for attachment of a bipod.

This air rifle comes with moderate tuning settings, so that it can be used universally. The values shown in the specifications can be adjusted by utilising the adjustment options of the air rifle.

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