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£ 400
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Weihrauch HW97K was designed with the target shooting market in mind, with its well balanced action and stock perfectly matched to create an air rifle unlike any other, and one that will last for decades.

The fixed barrel underlever action of the HW97 ensures that there is no movement in the barrel whatsoever, as can be seen in some break barrels, meaning that accuracy is never compromised which is essential when each shot counts. The cocking motion is smooth and precise, and each pellet is loaded directly into the barrel, which is then released through a Rekord trigger unit which can be finely tuned.

The stock features a raised cheekpiece to the right hand side, with a rubber butt pad to the rear, and checkered panels to the pistol grip and forestock providing a strong grip and a quality appearance.

Calibre - .177-. 22
Overall Length - 1020mm
Barrel Length - 300mm
Power - Approx 11.5 ft/lbs
Weight - 4.0kg

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