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£ 1,250
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  • Category Over and under
  • Type Shotguns
  • Condition Second hand
  • Make Beretta
  • Model Silver Pigeon 1. L/Hand
  • Calibre 20 Bore/gauge
  • Barrel length 30
  • Your reference N605345
  • Gun Status Activated
Looking for premium shotgun features at an affordable price? That’s exactly what the Beretta Silver Pigeon 1 Sporter offers. The latest of the 686 Silver Pigeons, this sporter gun is compact and low profile, as well as boasting strength and durability.

The 686 Beretta Silver Pigeon has got the traditional stylish looks of a Beretta, combined with a performance that will be suited to both the clay ground and out in the field. Its versatility making it the ideal choice of shotgun for many shooters.

Where does the Silver Pigeon Sporter shotgun sit in Beretta's range?

Beretta enthusiasts will be glad to hear the Silver Pigeon sporter shotgun is built on the famous 686 action. Which has been a firm favourite for a long time. Featuring two conical locking lugs at mid action, right between the barrels, it keeps the shooter’s eye closer to the plane of their shooting hand while keeping a low profile.

It’s not as decorated as some more premium Beretta guns, but the Silver Pigeon 1 still delivers the elegance desired by many. It has an oil-finished stock with a chequering pattern and Schnabel fore-end, which adds to its classic look.

It’s a shotgun you’ll be proud to use, but it won’t cost you a fortune. It’s an extremely competitively-priced Beretta, appealing to anyone shopping on a budget, and is a particularly good proposition for beginners.

The costs are kept down as there are limited options, although enough to satisfy most shooters. The sporting model comes with a wider rib, none auto safety and is slightly heavier than the game model.

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