Air Force One FS-1103B BB

£ 99
Type: Air Guns


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his pistol from Air Force One is a full blowback replica of a famous pistol used all over the world and fires 4.5mm steel BBs from its barrel and is a great choice for casual target shooting.

The pistol is made from metal for a heavy weight and great build quality, and the blowback action further improves this realism. The pistol is powered by a 12g CO2 capsule which provides around 40 - 50 shots from one capsule, and the removable magazine holds 20 round at a time.

The pistol is fitted with a manual safety, and the slide locks back after the last shot is fired so you know when to reload. The fixed sights are simple and easy to use and allow for rapid target acquisition when the pistol is brought up to eye level.


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