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Clay Shooting

Clay Shooting Ranges

K.S.G has a wide variety of disciplines on offer six days a week, Tuesday to Sunday.  The sporting layout is frequently changed, with a good combination of loopers, rabbits, battues, midis, minis and, of course, standard clays, to test the shooter.  In addition to the usual mix of blaze and black clays, white and green clays are used to provide even more variety. 

The two Sportrap layouts are well thought out and incorporate both twenty five and forty target setups.  With a wide mix of traps on the layouts, the Claymate system allows practice on individual targets without the requirement to shoot a full round.   

FITASC is becoming increasingly popular with sporting shooters as they wish to enjoy more challenging targets.  Kibworth doesn't disappoint!  We have two layouts an entry level one to introduce the shooter to FITASC and a tougher one to test the more experienced shot. 

We also have a Skeet Range, and a DTL range which is fitted with the acoustic release system.

We have specific coaching stands that are ideal for beginners, so you may take your time and enjoy developing your skills in a relaxed and unpressurised atmosphere. Although our coaches take priority

these stands, when they are unoccupied they may be used by new or rusty shooters who want to improve their confidence in a relaxed environment, before moving onto the more demanding targets on the main sporting layout.

All of the layouts, except DTL, are operated by the "Claymate" system which provides shooters with the flexibility to shoot as much or as little as they wish across a huge variety of targets



                                   Members                Visitor

25   Clays:                 7.50                       9.25 
50   Clays:                 15.00                    18.50 
75   Clays:                 22.50                    27.75 
100 Clays:                 30.00                    37.00 

                                  30p per clay          37p per clay

And where required:
Gun Hire:                   10                         
Trapper:                     15 per hour            

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Game and Clay Lessons

Shooters often benefit from a lesson if they wish to refresh or improve their shooting skills, or maybe a little practice in preparation for the game season.  Our experienced instructors are able to assess each shooter and then offer help and advice to correct any bad habits which may have been picked up.  All aspects of shooting may be considered, from correcting problems with stance, gun mount, eye dominance, to simply hitting problem targets successfully.

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