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£ 320
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  • Category Air Rifles
  • Type Air Guns
  • Condition Brand New
  • Make Cometa
  • Model Fenix 400 Premium Star
  • Mechanism Spring
  • Calibre .177
The high quality, unmatched design of the Fenix 400 is just one example of the high quality guns that cometa air rifles produce.

The Fenix 400's beech stock gives the rifle a sturdy build whilst not ruining the aesthetics. The raised part is to rest your cheek on to help line your shot up though the scope. The stock has a rubber butt pad which cushions the force from recoil helping to prevent muscle fatigue and injury to your shoulder and surrounding areas.

The 370mm barrel is made from Rifled steel giving it a strong build as well as high quality aesthetics. Fitted to a barrel is a sound moderator which helps reduce the loud, sudden sound an air rifle produces. This makes the rifle good for hunting / pest control as it stop other animals becoming aware of your presence.

Cometa Fenix 400 has a high quality ergonomic design making for a comfortable, fun shoot. The pistol grip has a textured surface which increase your grip even in tough weather conditions. The trigger is fully adjustable being able to adjust in both pressure and length.

Using a break barrel action the Fenix 400 has an automatic safety helping prevent the rifle shooting when you are not ready. The rifle has a Machine cut dovetail groove which allows optics such as scopes to be attached helping increase accuracy and experience.

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